At European Auto Werks, we take the safety of you and your family seriously, which is why we recommend that you have your vehicle’s brake system inspected annually. A thorough brake inspection helps ensure that your brakes are functioning properly and that no individual component of the system is close to failure.

During a brakes service, we check:

  • Brake lining and pad wear
  • Brake fluid level and condition
  • Disc brake rotor thickness
  • Brake hose condition

In order to thoroughly assess your brakes, our technicians perform an extensive test drive to ensure that all parts of the braking system meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. We guarantee that the work we do is performed correctly with the highest level of safety and reliability in mind.

If you have noticed your vehicle shuddering as you slow, or that your brakes are not as responsive as they used to be, schedule an appointment with us today.